Le Coppe Glass Water/Coupe


Artisanally hand-blown borosilicate water glass, also perfect to be used as a coupe for dessert.
LeCoppe glass combines organic and geometrical shapes generating an object with a soul, made with care to keep you company while enjoying a moment for yourself or with others. Praise to pleasure, a transparent body to quench your thirst with appetizing conversations.

Architectures of a welcoming, sinuous, carnally vitreous body to celebrate a sharing ritual between our intimate and the others. Hand-blown glass cups, breasts, coves,
bounces, define a lush landscape to touch, caress, sip.


Usually delivered in 4-5 weeks.
Get in touch for bespoke productions and large quantities.
Size and materials are customizable upon request.

When you buy from local businesses you help support sustainable practices while investing in the evocative power of objects.